Lately, Hong Kong has been in the news for all the wrong reasons, notably its protests and political unrest, a downward trend in its economy, a bad hit in tourism and now also affected by the Coronavirus.

However, despite this, Hong Kong remains the world’s freest economy and the eighth largest exporter of merchandise. Hong Kong has the world’s busiest cargo airport and the biggest port for shipping containers. The entrepreneurial spirit which, over many years, has built Hong Kong into its dynamic best, still exists and in the words of Daniel Zhang CEO of Alibaba: “During this time of ongoing change, we continue to believe that the future of Hong Kong remains bright “

The export trade is vital and relies on forward looking companies to grow and sustain this trade. Such a company is HLS, multi-modal forwarder and GSA.

We talked to Vincent Kwok, HLS’s enthusiastic General Manager.

WCV: Vincent, please briefly describe the company and its background.

VK: HLS Air Sea (International) Ltd (HAS) is the main air cargo hub of Honour Lane Shipping Limited, that focuses on both air and ocean and was founded in 2010 by Vincent Chan – President, Victor Chan – Managing Director and Wicky Chan – Vice President.

HAS concentrates on import and export for Transpacific, Europe, Latin America, Australia, and Intra-Asia. Our in-house IT manages our online platform, PO Management and Cargo Tracking system. We have BSA agreements with several international Airlines: NZ/BR/PO/CV/EK.

WCV: Regarding the air cargo sector, do you have any special markets or expertise?

VK: HAS is qualified for Dangerous Goods (DGR) and Lithium Battery (LI-CAT) handling. We are also accredited by MOT, IATA (since 2010), CATA, RAR, RACSF, and we are a member of HAFFA.

Our expertise is in the aerospace AOG and automotive sector, specializing in worldwide distribution of aircraft engines as well as aircraft and automotive parts.

With a broad spread of 31 offices throughout China, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, USA-Los Angeles, Philippines, and Myanmar, employing over 1000 skilled staff, we cover the full range of activities ranking a top airline BSA & IATA cargo agent and a leading neutral master loader.

We have been awarded top GSA agent by Eva Air, and top cargo sales agent by Air New Zealand. The total tonnage of our airfreight and express business is over 5000 tons per year.

In addition, we rank Top 5 NVOCC for 2019 (from China to USA).

WCV: Please explain your goals and expansion plans over the next five years.

VK: Our company’s goal is to develop in the SE Asia region, where we estimate potential growth due to relocation of big manufacturing companies in VN, CB, MY, TH, ID, and rise in direct flights to SE Asia ports by carriers.

Carriers should start operating more routes in China. I believe that in the next 5 years, traffic of airfreight will be greater in China & SE Asia than in Hong Kong.”   

WCV: Please describe your position and responsibilities within the company and what do you enjoy most about your work?  Outside the business what are your interests?

VK: I am the General Manager of HLS Air Sea International Ltd, and I enjoy watching the build-up and expansion of each of our offices and the growth of HAS airfreight market share.

Away from the business, I love to play golf with my business partners.

WCV: Describe your relationship with Neutral Air Partner in a few words.

VK: NAP being an association focused on advanced airfreight and express solutions, keeps us connected and up to date with the airfreight industry in all different countries, as the members are highly specialized, operating under an efficient control system.

WCV: In your opinion, which are the 3 main benefits for you being a member of Neutral Air Partner?

VK: NAP is a good medium for communicating and promoting the HLS group services to the network of members worldwide. We are able to acquire information about NAP’s members backgrounds, allowing us to explore more solutions for mutual business. Finally, we have the chance to obtain deep understanding and appreciation of the different specific sectors of the airfreight industry.

hls-member of nap

This week World Cargo Vision team interviews Vincent Kwok, the enthusiastic general manager of HLS and keen golfer.