Established in 2005 by Bogdan Cosmin Spiridon , Augustin Muller with a group of seasoned professionals from the shipping sector, Europrim has developed into one of the leading multimodal freight forwarders in Romania. After joining IATA in 2010, the air cargo team, based at the Bucharest Otopeni International airport ,has concentrated on building an outstanding reputation for high quality service, gaining many faithful customers.

Anca, what all the special qualities that have brought Europrim to its current position in the Romanian market?

“There are a number of contributing factors that influence our market position. To start with, our team of young highly skilled professionals have been eager to develop our business. By concentrating on raising our quality service levels, we have been successful in special sectors such as automotive where time sensitive performance is essential. We also excel in on-board carrier service as well as developing air charter capabilities.”

How would you describe the company’s relationship with the main operators and carriers?

“We have built up excellent relationships with the leading airlines operating in Romania including Turkish airlines, Lufthansa cargo KLM and Air France. We employ around 80 qualified staff in nine offices throughout the country whose objective is always to find the right solution for individual needs of our clients”.

How does Europrim rank within the Romanian market?

“According to the IATA 2018 results, our company was placed seventh within the top 10 and we are proud of the fact that we are the only one hundred percent Romanian owned company in this group and that is in competition with the big multinational logistics groups. We also acquired the Strongest in Romania CERTIFICATE, from Creditinfo, attesting that our company has been assigned a high credit worthiness achieved only by some 5.6% of Romanian companies. In the international freight industry this is a very important factor and a great help to our business transactions.”

Would you describe any special airfreight projects which your company has had recently?

“We like to think that all our projects are special but in 2017 one of our customers, an automotive parts manufacturer, had to ship to Germany, over several months, over 100 shipments of extremely urgent parts which had to be delivered to their customer in Bavaria. The pressure was high as the commercial agreement between the parties involved setting huge hourly penalties for delayed deliveries. Around 30 charter flights were used and more than 70 on-board courier shipments were delivered on time so that not even 1% of the total contract was penalised. An excellent result for everyone concerned and a wonderful way of proving our ability.”

What are the company’s main goals and expansion plans for the next five years?

“After a long period of double-digit growth for year on year financial results, we intend to stabilise our position in the Romanian market, to concentrate on increasing our service quality and develop closer relationships with our customers. We are willing to open new offices wherever the market requires. Our ideal position would be for us to set up, over the next five years, a perfect balance between the digitalisation wave that is sweeping our industry and the need of our customers to be correctly advised on their supply chain decisions. Furthermore we plan to expand cooperation with our current agents and good industry friends in order to reach new opportunities, new services and unusual markets”.

Nevertheless our main target is to become and remain, as long as possible, the number one Romanian freight forwarder, providing a comprehensive range of transportation and logistics services.

How would you describe the role of the Neutral Air Partners network?

“The air cargo industry is in the process of changing, its old certainties can no longer be taken for granted , as in the majority of similar networks. NAP is looking to the future, focused on advanced airfreight and express solutions, setting new standards of excellence and offering access to innovative cargo community tools rate engines and E-AWBs. They are first-class partners, dedicated to providing innovative solutions for the international freight logistics industry and the shipping and aviation community. Together we can grow and continue building competitive advantages and develop innovative air cargo products and services.”

What are the three main benefits for you being a member of NAP?

“Industry recognition of excellence is very important, financial protection is vital but working with like- minded partners all over the world is really the main attraction.”


This week Michael Sales from World Cargo Vision team interviews Ana Maria (Anca) Soroiu, development director of Europrim Group.