Importance of online networking in Air Cargo Industry

For a global industry such as Air Cargo networking is one of the key tools for survival and growth. Considering the fact that industry players are based in numerous locations  around the world online channels can simplify and accelerate the process. In this article we want to take a closer look at how to go about it and why is it beneficial for today’s entrepreneurs.

Build a powerful brand

By its very nature networking process encourages people to learn more about your company. So, before it actually takes place they are very likely to read through your About Us page, mission statement or social media profile to see the bigger picture. It is therefore important to ensure that the information provided in these sections clearly describes your background, business goals and way you operate to achieve them. To give your audience a realistic overview you can tell it via your own employees. Everyone wants to see the people behind the brand. Learning about their background and qualifications can influence the level of trust in the brand and/or a particular product.

Set SMART Air Cargo networking goals

SMART mnemonic (Specific-Measurable-Achievable-Realistic-Timed) is applicable across the board in the marketing practice and Air Cargo networking is no exception. If you are new to networking then your goals should be oriented outwards in order to get attention of other industry players. For example,you could aim to offer your expert advice on a particular topic, invite people to your company events, exchange useful connections and so on. Your goals should be as specific as possible in order to guide you in the right directions. For example, ‘I want to find more contacts’ is not well defined goal as it is quite vague. A SMART goal would be ‘I want to find 5 new contacts among medium-sized business owners’. This type of goal will drive your effort a lot more effectively and motivate you to be proactive.

Create opportunities

Once you decide to engage in networking you should have at least some idea about what will be the next step after finding new contact. Set the stage to take your relationship to the next level by inviting people to smaller events where you could discuss details of your future partnership. For instance, you could organize an online or offline Air Cargo conference, workshop or Q&A session for your new and existing connections where you would present them with new products, interesting industry insights, upcoming projects and so on. This kind of activities are great for knowledge share and could establish you as a though leader in your sector. You could not only learn from other people but also find new talent for your own company or it could be a start of conversation with your potential business partners. Also, exchanging information has often inspired important debates about the way things work in a particular industry. As a result of these discussions the existing standards were sometimes changed and improved to better suit the situation on the market.