Great Place to Work certificate to Globelink Ünimar!

The global independent research institution Great Place to Work, which has been evaluating the corporate culture and employee experience of companies since 1992, announced the companies that were entitled to receive certificates. Globelink Ünimar, one of the global players of the logistics industry, was awarded the Great Place to Work certificate with its cultural transformation. The certificate, which will be valid throughout 2022, was obtained as a result of the evaluations of the employees in the first year of participation of Globelink Ünimar.

Great Place to Work, one of the world’s most important human resources research institutes, shared the certificate results of companies operating in Turkey. At the end of the program, in which companies from different sectors went through an intensive research process, Globelink Ünimar, which offers integrated logistics solutions on a global scale, received the Great Place to Work certificate.

Globelink Ünimar, which was established in 1994 and offers end-to-end integrated logistics activities, was awarded the Great Place to Work certificate as a result of employee evaluations. Globelink Ünimar, one of the most important players in the logistics sector with more than 250 employees, has created a new corporate culture by integrating Great Place to Work experiences with the human resources strategies it has developed.

Great Place to Work, which covers a detailed program, outstanding especially with corporate culture and employee experience, is known as a global brand value in this sense. The certificate obtained with the new strategies developed by Globelink Ünimar Human Resources department will remain valid throughout 2022. Globelink Ünimar, whose compliance rate will be followed by Great Place to Work, aims to continue its success by increasing it in next years.

Within the scope of the Great Place to Work certificate, Globelink Ünimar Executive Board Member in charge of Human Resources, Levent Terzi, said, “As Globelink Ünimar, we are pleased to receive this certificate with our Human Resources strategies and strategic transformation moves in the last five years. It is crucial that the Great Place to Work institute is both an independent and a global institution. The fact that we have achieved a significant harmony in such a detailed program in the first year we participated shows that the projects we have developed have yielded positive results.

With our belief in increasing the corporate culture and improving the employee experience, we will work much harder in 2022, focusing on maintaining our certification and taking part in different compliance categories in upcoming years. We would like to thank our Executive Board for their support, our Human Resources department for their devoted work, all Globelink Ünimar departments and all our valuable colleagues who supported us in obtaining this certificate.”

Sharing his views on the certificate program, Globelink Ünimar Executive Board Member Responsible for Sales and Marketing Koray Ç?tak said, “As the logistics sector, we are a very dynamic sector that needs to keep up with changes quickly. As Globelink Ünimar, we focused on improving the dynamism in our business processes in the context of Human Resources strategies in 2022. We quickly implemented our new projects, which started under the leadership of our Human Resources department. As a result of each complete project, we examined the transformations and evaluated their effects on the corporate culture. With all these efforts, we have won a certificate that we will proudly carry in 2022. The global meaning of the Great Place to Work certificate gives a much greater value to a global partner brand like Globelink Ünimar. We hope that this certificate we have received will add value to the Globelink Ünimar family and the entire logistics industry.”.