Globelink Ünimar won award at the Turkish Cargo Agency Award Ceremony

Globelink Ünimar won third place at the Turkish Cargo Agency Award Ceremony in The Most Developed Agency Category.

Globelink Ünimar Airfreight Manager Didem ?enses, said in her statement at the award ceremony; “In 2018, we have increased our export concentration by 100% compared to the previous year. We have succeeded in reaching our targets in a short time with the new markets we have created under the airfreight department, the intermediate products we have created and the proactive customer service concept of our team. In this process, we have also gained a lot of experience in the transportation of perishable cargo and live animals. The award we won today is one of the signs of our success in our work. I would like to thank my colleagues once again for their dedication. As in the previous year, we aim to increase our export targets even higher in 2019.”

NAP member Globelink Ünimar has successfully completed its first charter livestock transportation operation

Globelink Unimar Air Cargo Manager Didem ?enses, made statements within the scope of the project; “As Globelink Unimar, we continue to serve our business partners in all of the supply chain functions. As we have shown in Istanbul based operations for many years, livestock transportation is one of our specialization areas. Recently, our Izmir branch has also transported 769 goats to Khartoum, Sudan, as part of the charter livestock transportation operation.In order to carry the goats to be used for the purpose of breeding in the region where they go, we preferred to use air transportation method by keeping our principle of respect for nature and living beings in the foreground. We are happy to have successfully completed this charter operation in accordance with the ethical values of Globelink Unimar.

In 2018, our share of exports market increased by 100% compared to the previous year. We aim to reach more customers by diversifying our intermediate products for airline exports.

As Globelink Unimar, we are celebrating our twenty-fifth year in the logictics sector in 2019. We will continue our activities with the principle of unconditional customer and employee satisfaction in 2019 and following years.”