Globelink Unimar Turkey provides e-commerce micro export and import services with ECCD.

What is the Electronic Commerce Customs Declaration (ECCD)?

ECCD stands for electronic commerce customs declaration. Electronic commerce customs declaration is not a printed document, but it is a document in which electronic arrangements are made. In this sense, electronic commerce customs declaration is a structure that is used in the process of customs clearance of goods sent or received by airline, seaway, highway or fast cargo, and in which the entire bureaucracy is carried out in digital environment in order to speed up the process.

What is Micro Export?

Micro export covers products with a value of not more than 15,000 Euros, excluding value added tax. The weight of these products should be less than 300 kilograms. Under these conditions, the sales made abroad from Turkey called micro exports.

What is the Difference of Micro Export and Traditional Export?

It is an export type with high cost since it also includes export-type customs consultancy services, which are also defined as traditional exports. On the other hand, the time and cost is saved in the shipments made through micro export.

What does micro export cover?

Items whose gross weight is less than 300 kilograms and whose value does not exceed 15.000 Euros,
Books and other printed publications, provided that the price does not exceed 150 Euros and is for personal use,
Merchandise that does not exceed a thousand 500 Euros and whose gross weight does not exceed 30 kilograms and is subject to free circulation, provided that it is not a diplomatic or passenger item,
Personal belongings belonging to the person and arriving one month before or within 3 months of arrival,
Printed publications sent to public institutions, museums, libraries or institutions providing scientific studies and training

What does micro export not cover?

Items whose gross weight is more than 300 kg and whose value exceeds 15.000 Euro
Temporary Shipments for Fair and Exhibition Purposes
Items for Repair Purposes
Inward and outward processing etc. things
Controlled products (Supplements, medicines, chemicals, mobile phones, etc.)
Products without cost

What are the documents required to complete the customs process in micro export?

Indirect Representation Authorization Certificate
Micro Export Information Form
Original Invoice (Finance approved and Turkish)
English or German invoice to be used for declaration in the country of shipment

What is ATR?

ATR, depending on the customs union agreement between the European Union and Turkey, the exporter is required to prepare documents in order to benefit from the exemption from customs duty subject to the export of goods in free circulation.

What are the advantages of micro export?

Customs brokerage service fee does not occur
Exit warehouse fee is not requested
Exporters’ union registration is not mandatory
Declaration archive is not required

How are ECCD Transactions Performed at Globelink Unimar?

Based on the documents from our customer, the form that the customs company we have contracted forwarded to us is filled by our operation team and the form is sent back to our customer.
The customs company with which we have an agreement, makes the declaration of the transaction electronically.
After the declaration, we transmit the ECCD information to our customer via e-mail.
Our customer applies for VAT refund with ECCD information and a physical copy of the declaration.