Globelink China moves more than 6000 CBM of humanitarian supplies.

NAP member Globelink China Logistics has operated close to 50 charter flights with 6000 CBM+ of humanitarian supplies from China to epidemic areas through great teamwork and efforts. The products were shipped for government, organization and companies.

We have even operated 3 charters on one single night, in April 26.

Part of the charter list as below.

No. Flight No. POL POD Volume-CBM
1 OK9606/3.22 PVG PRG 50.19
2 QS4191/3.23 PVG PRG 72.98
3 HFM541/3.27 PVG LIS 238.89
4 UX459/3.27 SZX MAD 96.12
5 TP9181/3.29 PVG LIS 162.32
6 UX459/4.2 SZX MAD 73.22
7 TP9186/4.4 PEK LIS 136.78
8 HFM341/4.4 PVG LIS 240.99
9 QS4353/4.8 CAN PRG 73.08
10 5M321/4.10 CAN LIS 250


Given the drastic rising cases of COVID-19 in Latin America and considering the recent high demands for medical supplies, we are also preparing more charter flights to support epidemic areas including Brazil, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Dominican Republic, et. For the month of May 2020. We will continue to participate and play our role in the front lines of fighting against Covid-19.  We will definitely beat this pandemic together!

Globelink serves global forever!