Globelink China Logistics ltd celebrated its 25th anniversary

QUick Glimpse on the #25th Anniversary of #GlobelinkChinaLogisticsGroup.

The evening commenced with a warm welcome speech from Mr. Solomon Cai, the CEO of Globelink China Logistics Group by expressing his heartfelt gratitude to all the employees for their dedicated contribution, efforts, and unwavering support over the years. A special ceremony was held to honor and recognize employees who have been with the company from 5-25 years, acknowledging their commitment and paving the way for the next exciting journey.

Mr. Chen Qingcai, the financial director of Globelink China Logistics and project director of the SAP project team, delivered an insightful speech titled “Moving towards digital intelligence transformation – Outlook of Globelink China Logistics SAP.” He highlighted the company’s proactive approach to embrace the digitalization trend by integrating with SAP, a leading ERP system from Germany. This strategic move aims to leverage digital intelligence and create additional value for clients.

The dinner party served as a significant retirement farewell for Mr. Yang Zhenling, the Executive President of Globelink China Logistics, who has been an integral figure in the company’s success. Mr. Yang Zhenling received endless respect and sincere blessings from the leaders and colleagues of Globelink China Logistics. Together, they reminisced about the major milestones achieved by the wise leadership under Mr. Yang Zhenling’s over the past 25 years.

In the spirit of the approaching Mid-Autumn Festival, the dinner party offered an opportunity for colleagues from across the country to experience the customs of southern Fujian. A special Mid-Autumn cake betting activity was organized, filling the air with the joyous sounds of tinkling bells, applause, and laughter. It truly became a vibrant sea of happiness. Additionally, a series of activities were arranged to commemorate the 25th anniversary including visits to offshore warehousing and depots, a thrilling dragon boat race, and a scenic “Ludao Star” cruise around Gulang Island in Xiamen.

“Twenty-five years of sincerity and perseverance, inspiring the most virtuous and righteous youth” has been the guiding principle for the people of Globelink China Logistics. The people of Globelink China Logistics are pursuing the ideal of becoming a longevity enterprise, and marking a worldwide impact with the corporate mission and value striving for future excellence. Let us unite and work together to navigate the next 25 years with determination and success.

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