From Pacer Air Freight: “Regulated Agent certification to its collection”.

We’re excited to add Regulated Agent to our list of certifications and services.

Our customers have been looking for a way to transport their sensitive cargo while reducing the bottlenecks during transportation and we can now help them do so in a secure manner.

We believe this gives us an edge over other forwarders by adding another layer of security to our operations and helping our clients reduce the time required to get their time-sensitive shipments approved and on board the aircraft.

What is a Regulated Agent?

A regulated agent is a company that has been approved to screen cargo on behalf of others to make it secure. They can also store and/or transport secure cargo.

This is part of Transport Canada’s Air Cargo Security (ACS) program, which is one of the highest standards in aviation security. The purpose of this program is to keep goods moving in and out of Canada effectively while reducing the risks to the safety and security of travellers and the supply chain.

Pacer Air Freight was a Certified Agent, which only allowed us to store, transport, and accept secure cargo. Now that we are a Regulated Agent we are thrilled to help our clients save time and money while improving the quality of our services!