Fraud Alert – Egyptair Cargo Charter division

We strongly advise our members and their teams to be cautious for fraud during this time of Covid-19 pandemic and high demand in critical shipments.

There have been cases of ruthless hacking in the business, taking advantage of people in desperate need.

We are reporting a case of an NAP member that has had their emails intercepted, resulting to the compromise of final contractual agreements for the positioning of charter aircrafts for critical medical shipments.

Let us know if any of you have had any dealings by email or phone, with the person mentioned below and we will take it up directly with the head of EgyptAir Cargo.

Please be fully aware of the below fake contact & email address:

Hassan Ibrahim
Marketing Coordinator
Office: +2 01211239479 (fake)
Fax: +2 02 26963335
email: [email protected] (fake)

The MS correct contact info is

Hassan Ibrahim
Marketing Department
Cargo Marketing Dep. <[email protected]>
Office: +2 02 26963330 / 1
Mob : +2 01205249222
Fax : +2 02 26963335
The correct mail domain must always be