Four NAP members get awarded during Air Cargo Africa

The STAT Times International Awards for Excellence in Air Cargo 2023 were presented in all formality and African style! Representatives from leading airlines, air cargo services providers, and other industry members from around the world gathered at the event to recognize and celebrate the achievements of the industry.

Astral Aviation was awarded in two categories:

  • Winner of the Africa All Cargo Carrier Award 2023 (6 consecutive times from 2011-2023)
  • Highly Acclaimed – Air Cargo Brand of the Year in Africa.

Airblox was the winner of Innovative Logistic Solutions in Air Cargo Award 2023.

The award was received by Christos Spyrou on behalf of Airblox and Edip Pektas.

CharterSync was recognised as

Highly Acclaimed – Innovative Logistic Solutions in Air Cargo Award 2023

NAP strategic partner Turkish Cargo was the winner of the Fastest Growing International Cargo Airline of the year.

Christos Spyrou stepped on onstage again to present Ethiopian Aviation Group with the winner’s award for Air Cargo Brand of the Year in Africa.

You can see all STAT Times International Award for Excellence in Air Cargo categories, winners, and Highly Acclaimed companies here.