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19-21 JAN 2021

Meeting Guide

Face 2 Face calls

Face2Face meetings platform is designed to perform ONE to ONE meetings.
Conference calls are not possible at the moment with face 2 face platform.



In order to get started, update your profile with picture, details and preferences under MY PROFILE. Please check time zone set on your profile. Based on this information we are recalculating all meetings to your local time.

Set your

You might want to block some time slots by setting them to unavailable. You can do this by visiting MY SCHEDULES page, and setting up AVAILABILITY as per your preference.

Booking your appointments

Select the delegates that you would like to meet and schedule the respective time slots, please mind time-zone difference. In case some meetings are scheduled in your unavailable hours, make sure to RESCHEDULE them or CANCEL and set those time slots to unavailable.

Supported Desktop Browsers for VIDEO calls

The JavaScript Video library requires recent versions of Chrome and Firefox, and Safari 11 or greater.
Chrome Firefox Safari Edge (Chromium)
Android - -
iOS * * -
Linux - -
macOS ✓ **
Windows - ✓ **
* Chrome and Firefox for iOS do not have access to WebRTC APIs, unlike Safari for iOS. ** The isSupported flag returns false for versions 2.0.0 or below. This will be rectified in 2.0.1.

In case of any difficulties,
do not hesitate to reach out to us.