EZ Cargo, the air freight company, extends its activities and takes Liege international

The Liege-based company EZ Cargo is entering a new chapter in its success story with the official opening of its HQ and warehouse at Liège Airport, to expand its air freight business.

On this 5 October 2023, EZ Cargo is going to unveil its new warehouse located in the heart of Liège Airport business park. This milestone confirms the company’s commitment to providing first-class air freight services, while contributing to the economic development of the Liège region. In less than 10 years of existence, EZ Cargo has been instrumental in positioning Liège in the international arena, building a solid reputation for reliability and quality of service. A reputation that has made EZ Cargo a partner of choice for the most demanding customers in the air freight sector.

International recognition for local talent

A great achievement for the company’s founder, Nicolas Simons, who after five years as a salesman in the industry, decided in 2016 to launch his own business as a neutral agent in the air freight market. In other words, offering freight forwarders a solution based on expertise for specific commodities that need to be moved from point A to point B. EZ Cargo centralises and subcontracts the entire transport process, adding value for freight forwarders in the process – all around the globe. After winning the NAP (Neutral Air Partner, one of the major networks of leading air cargo architects) award for “Best Performing Partner in Europe” for three years in a row, EZ Cargo is pursuing its rise and hopes one day to win the global prize.

A comprehensive service made all the more impressive considering that the company was born in the attic of Nicolas Simons, the brain behind the venture together with Damien Rizzo, a friend turned partner. Alongside EZ Cargo, the duo also created Sky Art Service, an artwork-focused freight company. From logistics and arts to Europe, the United States and Asia… backed by a team of 20 people, EZ Cargo and Sky Art are on all fronts, offering a solution all across the board. However, their roots remain firmly planted in Liège.

The resources to match its ambitions

In 2023, the company is going to acquire full control of Sky Art, pursue its growth and, above all, open a warehouse at Liège Airport. This will provide a logistics platform that will enable the company to internalise a series of services previously entrusted to partners (storage, handling, screening, etc.), thereby optimising customer experience while cutting costs, as well as bringing expertise back to the local market. The market is currently short of local partners to support them in their logistics challenges, emphasises Damien Rizzo.

Nicolas Simons adds: EZ Cargo has very strong local roots, as symbolised by this new facility. Our expertise is already recognised well beyond Belgium’s borders, but we want to have the same positioning with local players as well.

Let’s go higher

This Belgian success story is the result of extremely high quality standards and a disruptive business model that does not hesitate to change the codes of the industry. Its credo is: Shine abroad, but don’t miss an opportunity to shine a light on the region. As the opening of its new warehouse approaches, EZ Cargo is delighted to be taking this next step in its development and remains committed to providing world-class air freight services to its customers while making a positive impact on the Liege community. Not only is Wallonia a winner, it’s also flying to new heights!