EFL Global Unlocks a New Transshipping Route to Power Commerce Across the Globe.

The face of exports for the retail and commerce sector continues to change with the latest innovation from Expo Freight Private Limited (EFL Global), that now makes it possible for land-air transshipment of cargo between Dhaka and Delhi. With time, speed and efficiency being the key drivers of growth, the EFL Global offices in both countries worked with the respective ministries to pioneer this new route. As per the Customs Circular, effective 15th February, 2023, cargo originating in Bangladesh is permitted to move by land to Delhi airport, from where it will be airlifted to its final destination, anywhere in the world. This not only significantly reduces the waiting period at the port, but it offers improved logistics efficiency and better cargo evacuation from Delhi Air Cargo.

On 27th February, 2023, for the first time in the history of trade relations between Bangladesh and India, an EFL Global cargo truck cleared the customs’ formalities at the Petrapole-Benapole border and carried trans-border cargo to Delhi airport. On 4th March, the truck reached Delhi airport in the wee hours of the morning. After the due customs examination, checking of the security seal and documentation was handed over to the airport, the cargo was ready for its onward journey by air to its final destination in Spain.

The Delhi and Kolkata teams of EFL Global showed exemplary coordination by tracking the cargo and consistently following up with different stakeholders at both origin and transshipment points. The teams ensured the seamless and timely uplift of the shipment as committed to the client, making this a historical and unparalleled move in the logistics world.

Earlier, EFL Global had worked with the respective ministries to connect Dhaka and Kolkata. This led to the first land-air transshipment of cargo between the two countries. It is the success of this trade route that has paved the path for EFL Global’s latest innovation.

With the textile and apparel industry being the largest source of economic growth for Bangladesh, it has a vibrant export industry. That’s why it is no surprise that the Petrapole Land Customs station, the largest land port in Asia, accounts for majority of the bilateral trade between the two countries. Thus by connecting Dhaka to Delhi, EFL Global has been instrumental in building a more efficient method of transshipment, further augmenting growth for the retail and commerce sector.

EFL Global extends its sincerest gratitude to the ministry officials from Bangladesh and India, Customs, Land Port Authority of India and GMR for their encouragement and cooperation in unlocking this new transshipping route. With a focus on efficiency, EFL Global will continue to innovate new routes to smoothly facilitate the logistical needs of their clients. Hence, growing businesses and transforming supply chains in India and across the globe.