ColliCare Finland is now an IATA-agent

ColliCare Finland has offered air freight services to their customers for many years already, and the air freight personnel has extensive experience with air cargo of different sizes. They are proud to add the IATA license to their existing networks and accreditations for air freight.

For customers with air freight needs, the IATA license is not only a quality symbol, it also means that ColliCare can offer their customers better and faster services.

“We believe air freight will be an important freight mode in a market where transit time is essential. And during these challenging times, air freight has become a real alternative to ship a variety of products on a worldwide basis, regardless of size and type. We see also ever-increasing volumes of eCommerce business shipped by air freight” says Marko Pirinen, Managing Director Finland

IATA accreditation greatly simplifies the business relationship with global airlines and gives access to more competitive rates and services to the benefit of the customers. Access to digital network platforms also enables ColliCare to improve its quality and communication with customers, carriers and other business partners in the supply chain.

“I’m so proud of our experienced and trained staff, who have worked hard together to reach this important goal”, continues Marko Pirinen

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