CharterSync upgrades flight monitoring service

Digital air cargo charter firm CharterSync has added a new flight monitoring service to its platform to allow it to offer instant transit times.

CharterSync said that integrating RocketRoute will provide auto-routing and full monitoring of current and forecasted weather conditions, allowing operators to become more effective in planning for fuel burn, while also providing more accurate costs for ad-hoc cargo charters.

“RocketRoute will integrate automatically into the CharterSync quoting process, with fields automatically completed to provide accurate timings and remove the need for any manual calculations,” CharterSync said.

“This integration will benefit operators – who will save time on quoting – as well as clients, who will receive more transparent and accurate times and costings more quickly.”

Simon Watson, co-founder and director, CharterSync, explained: “Creating quotes manually can be a time-consuming process that sometimes leads to human error. Clients also want total confidence in flight times when they are viewing quotes.

“Our RocketRoute integration addresses these issues and underlines our total commitment to continually improving our platform. This integration is just the start of our partnership with RocketRoute as we work to provide even greater benefits to airlines and freight forwarders and further enhance the game-changing speed, simplicity, and flexibility of CharterSync’s booking process.”