CharterSync has managed the first ad hoc flights into the new cargo facility at Teesside International Airport.

The new facility is set to “play a vital role in powering trade” in the north of England following the closure of Doncaster Sheffield Airport earlier this year, according to CharterSync. The closure means approximately 10,000t of freight that was handled in Doncaster annually needs to be flown elsewhere.

Teesside International Airport will play a crucial role in improving cargo infrastructure in the UK, particularly in the ad hoc and time-critical charter sectors, according to Daniel Carriett, Global Cargo Director at CharterSync.

“CharterSync will be fully supporting the activation and development of this new cargo hub, which has already demonstrated its impressive agility when it comes to providing the resources required to manage urgent flights at short notice,” says Carriett.

Walter Jones, Head of Cargo at Teesside International Airport, said: “We’re very pleased we could help process this important consignment at such short notice, with this flexibility being one of the core benefits of Teesside’s fully accredited cargo handling facility. From our cutting-edge security screening to great onward transport links, businesses can be confident of top-quality service from our team.”