CharterSync demonstrates the ability to help ease Post Brexit Supply Chain Friction

Last week, the team at CharterSync was proud to demonstrate our ability to help ease post-Brexit supply chain friction by getting a Europe-bound air charter cargo into the air in less than 50 minutes – quite an achievement, even if we say so ourselves! This wasn’t just a “personal best” for CharterSync – although it was – but, to us, a clear indication of why the CharterSync platform should be on the PC or mobile phone of every freight forwarder…

With the clock always ticking, freight forwarders need timely solutions to keep their products moving, and CharterSync’s proprietary digital technology allows us to respond to time-critical requests with record-breaking speed. So, when our forwarder asked us to ship three time-critical automotive pallets from Birmingham to Leipzig, the CharterSync platform was able to identify the best aircraft for the job, pinpoint the closest airports, upload the required documentation, load the cargo safely into the hold of a Cessna 208, and get it into the air – all in just 46 minutes.

As an air cargo charter booking platform, the most common questions CharterSync encounters from existing and potential customers always begin with the word “when”. Speed and time are unquestionably the principal motivations for the freight forwarders we speak to, particularly when they need to move time-critical products such as automotive parts, fast fashion, oil and gas equipment or pharmaceutical supplies.

It’s clear that post-Brexit, dedicated air cargo charter is proving the most reliable way of guaranteeing the required speed of delivery for goods across the Channel – without the costly implications of missed delivery deadlines, or the time-consuming connections or delays associated with scheduled air freight or road.

“As freight forwarders continue to be buffeted by supply chain issues – including reduced capacity on scheduled air freight services, port congestion, low reliability levels in container shipping, and labour shortages in the road haulage industry – not to mention new challenges posed by conflict in the Ukraine – air cargo charter allows forwarders to make swifter, better-informed decisions, boosting supply chain reliability and operational efficiency, while providing much-needed reassurance in the speed of turnaround, precise flight schedules and ETAs.”

If speed is of the essence to your business – is it time you considered CharterSync?