CHARTERSYNC. Chartering with a purpose.

Not so long ago, during Neutral Air Partner subgroup NAX Time-Critical ’s official launch event, in September 2019 in Amsterdam, 100 delegates watched the passionate and captivating presentation of CharterSync founders, Ed Gillett & Simon Watson and its pioneering cargo charter platform.

Who knew that 6 months later, the world would face the unprecedented crisis of Covid-19, and CharterSync would be holding good on what NAX aspires for its members to be: innovative and independent time critical logistics firms, committed to delivering time sensitive, supply chain solutions and time definite movements, like life-saving medical consignments and charters filled with humanitarian aid.

World Cargo Vision interviewed Ed Gillet, 30, CharterSync’s co-founder and commercial pilot.

WCV: Ed, would you please describe the background and current activities of the company.

Simon and I established CharterSync in 2018.

CharterSync is the world’s first air cargo charter booking platform, connecting urgent cargo charter requests from freight forwarders directly to aircraft operators with an intelligent platform that provides greater speed and transparency to a traditionally over complicated market.

CharterSync currently has 4 employees and one office in London, but we are ready to expand!

WCV: Give our readers a brief overview of your airfreight market.

Before the Coronavirus pandemic, our main focus was the intra-European airfreight market, in particular, the time critical and “Go-Now” sector.   Within a dynamic and changing market, CharterSync has had to adapt quickly to expand our service offering to support humanitarian aid relief charters worldwide.

WCV: What Licenses and accreditation do you hold as a company?

We are members of Neutral Air Partner and the Air Charter Association.

WCV: Being such a young company, what are your noteworthy achievements and award nominations?

Seeing a charter request through to confirmation without ever having picked up the phone or sent an email! We are also achieving request to quotation in less than 5 minutes through our patent pending technology!

We were shortlisted for Air Business of the Year by the FTA in 2019.

WCV: Can you tell us about any noteworthy special air projects your company handled recently?

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on air cargo and CharterSync. It has been a hugely rewarding experience to assist many Governments worldwide. The most noteworthy was certainly coordinating the movement of the first Antonov-124 into Italy bringing millions of face masks and medical supplies from China.

WCV: What are CharterSync’s goals and expansions plans over the next 5 years.

For an industry that hasn’t moved on much in the last 20 years from emails and fax machines, our first year has been focused around bringing in the correct level of automation. CharterSync is continually innovating and developing new solutions to make air charter processes quicker and more transparent than ever before.  We are constantly thinking ahead to the future and need to be agile to seize new opportunities.  Our technology is the core to our business and growing our IT capabilities will help us adapt to our customers’ changing needs.  We see a fully digitalised sales and customer service experience becoming the industry standard in the future, and CharterSync aims to be at the forefront of this.

WCV: What is your overall opinion about Neutral Air Partner? It’s benefits, tools and products, and the air cargo services quality of its partners?

Neutral Air Partner’s ability to make connections between companies from every specialism is invaluable. If there is ever a missing link in the supply chain, there will always be a NAP member that will be ready to assist.

WCV: Can you describe Neutral Air Partners in a few words?

Synergy is the one word to describe Neutral Air Partner!


World Cargo Vision interviewed Ed Gillet, 30, CharterSync’s co-founder and pilot.