CargoWise: Unlocking the world’s supply chains – NAP on Air Webinar #6

While supply chain disruption isn’t new, 2020 has tested even the most agile logistics companies. From port closures to flight cancellations, the pandemic has had far-reaching effects and demonstrated just how deeply interconnected and interdependent the world’s supply chains are.

Amid this disruption, digitisation and automation of complex logistics operations has quickly become a lifeline for many logistics companies, particularly those who have moved to remote working.
Join us as our Technology Partner, CargoWise, discuss how you can add value to your business in this rapidly changing landscape and the vast effects of operating through a single software solution.

The global partnership between CargoWise and NAP is a strategic initiative designed to strengthen the network and open up a range of benefits for members, including access to exclusive cost-savings on the integrated software platform. CargoWise allows for instant sharing of shipment data, rates, quotes and bookings between forwarding agents, as well as real-time visibility and tracking of shipments. Please see a video snapshot here.


  • CargoWise Introduction
  • Current Industry Insights
  • Power of CargoWise
  • CargoWise Solutions
    • Supply chain visibility
    • Workflow & automation
    • Rate optimization
    • Customs & Geo-Compliance
    • Cloud enabled technology
    • Member benefits
  • Q & A

The webinar will be presented by

Keith Plummer

Keith Plummer
Business Development Executive for WiseTech Global.

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We are looking forward to a good interactive and enriching session.
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