CargoTech invests in CharterSync portal

Investment and development organisation CargoTech has invested in the CharterSync portal as it looks to recruit and expand.

The investment comes at an important time for the cargo charter portal after it recently launchedupdates that cover the end-to-end process and is now looking to grow the team.

In a recent interview with Air Cargo News, CharterSync co-founder and director Ed Gillett said the next year is going to be big in terms of expansion and recruitment.

“We will be looking to bring in more people on the sales side but also on the technology front, so we are going to be hiring in-house developers to help us accelerate our development,” he said.

At the time of the interview, Gillett hinted that the company was in talks with a potential investor to help fund the expansion.

This comes after Gillett and co-founder Simon Watson performed a management buyout around 20 months ago giving them each a 50% share in the company.

As well as providing funding, CargoTech also allows members to collaborate on developments and promotes cross-selling.

One immediate example is adapting CargoTech member Wiremind Cargo’s SkyPallet within CharterSync’s solution.

Including CharterSync there are now five members of the group: cargo optimisation firm Wiremind Cargo, ECS’s tech development arm Cargo Digital Factory, booking portal CargoAi and data provider/consultant Rotate.

CargoTech president Cedric Millet said: “What we were missing until now, was an expert for air cargo charter operations to drive the much-needed digital transformation in this segment.

“Since launching in 2019, CharterSync has built an innovative, tech-informed, and fresh-thinking global air cargo charter business from the ground up and gained a well-deserved reputation as an industry innovator at the forefront of the next generation of air charter.”

The two groups first held talks at the IATA World Cargo Symposium in London last year and again at the Air Cargo Forum in Miami a few months later.

CargoTech said that digitalisation within the air cargo charter segment has largely been unexplored to date and lags behind scheduled air cargo capacity processes, with operations that are still highly manual.

Gillett added: “Being part of the CargoTech group inspires us to think bigger, reach higher, and remain committed to delivering exceptional value and transforming the air cargo charter industry.”

All five members will meet for the first time in October 2023, to further develop the CargoTech product roadmap.


Source: Aircargo News