CargoHub: Cargo Claims & Loss Prevention Platform – NAP on Air Webinar #7

Since the early days of air cargo transportation, damage and loss have played a part in the financial viability and safety of airfreight. Accepting that there will always be claims, it the challenged to reduce the amount of time and money spend in dealing with claims and to put the right actions in place to prevent claims from happening. Dealing with cargo claims and loss prevention in a proper way is essential to maintaining good customer relations and to increase the competitiveness of the air cargo product.

Working through a dashboard, it is straightforward to input data right from the moment the damage occurs so that all parties involved can see and monitor the claim process, thus reaching resolution much quicker than the traditional method.

The “IATA innovation” awarded Cargo Claims platform serves a portfolio of leading cargo carriers which helps their shipper clients to quickly resolve claims in a consistent way across multiple carriers even when the airline operates its own claims platform.”

This type of technology fits exactly with NAP’s strategy of harnessing new systems and technical methods to improve the efficiency of its members.


  • Cargo claims process, filing a claim
  • Visibility, follow up and claims monitoring
  • Loss prevention management
  • KPI dashboards
    • Q & A

The webinar will be presented by


Raoul Paul
Managing Director CargoHub BV.

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