Breanna needs your help

NAP wants to share a “go fund me” link to help 8yr old Breanna, the sweet little girl of our friend and NAP member Aero Africa Ghana, who desperately needs our help.

Breanna has very sadly been battling leukemia for over a year now. We are trying to raise money for her ongoing treatment and medication, in hopes for her to have the best chance of survival.
She lives in Tema, Ghana with her dad, a single parent, trying his very best to care for Breanna. Unfortunately, the costs are just too overwhelming. Family and friends are desperately trying to have Breanna sent to the UK where she can receive her treatments.  Breanna has now contracted malaria and needs additional antibiotics on top of her regular cancer treatment and medications. 1 single antibiotic tablet costs 1,000 cedis which is the equivalent of £125, on top of 1,000 cedis a week for her cancer treatment.

Any little you can donate to help Breanna and her family would be greatly appreciated. Thank you  Please read more and donate here