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Discover your aircargo DNA!



150+ Countries Worldwide

  • Global reach
  • Partnering with like-minded experts
  • Airfreight & express buying power
  • EQ & Mix BUP airline agreements
  • Volume incentive programs with carriers
  • Industry recognition of excellence
  • Customized air cargo community tools
  • Express wholesale systems
  • GSA ,CSA Airline representations
  • Advanced air charter solutions
  • Advanced Time critical solutions
  • Co-branded sub-specialty groups
  • Financial protection & credit alert tools
  • BSA CPA airline agreements
  • Innovative IT applications
  • Airfreight rate engine
  • Specialization search filters
  • Corporate advisory solutions
  • Training courses and workshops
  • Conferences and events
  • Geo location platform
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Expo and media exposure

Discover your aircargo DNA!

A Group of 300+ like-minded air cargo specialists.

If you are an air cargo specialist, master loader or consolidator, GSA or charter broker, time-critical or express operator or an independent provider of general transport, freight handling, express and logistics, you will become part of the most powerful grouping of leading and independent, neutral air cargo architects and professionals to the trade.

Explore endless partnering opportunities with common minded people and air cargo experts around the globe. Enjoy strategic volume incentives and blocked space agreements with airlines and integrators.

Acquire extensive knowledge from industry professionals, and improve your risk profile by conducting business with fellow experts worldwide under our freight payment protection and netting program.

Discover our innovative airfreight and express rate solutions, our advanced consolidation management systems, as well as our network tools and apps tailor-made exclusively for the needs of the air cargo community.