ATM is growing

In September, the first shovels hit the ground, marking the commencement of construction for the extension and brand-new ATM logistics center, an ambitious project consisting of three buildings in three phases. The inaugural structure, showcased in the photo, is set to be completed in the coming months, adding an additional 2’000 square meters of transshipment space, including docks and offices.

While this initial building may be the most modest in the series, it stands as a pivotal milestone in the expansion of ATM’s logistical capabilities. By 2024, the second and third buildings will take shape, propelling the logistics center to new heights of efficiency and capacity.

This project mirrors ATM’s dedication to meeting the growing demands of our clientele by offering logistics services at the forefront of efficiency and reliability. “We are eager to unveil this new center and strengthen our position as a trusted partner for all your logistical needs.”