Aircraft engine successfully transported by TCS Worldwide

TCS Worldwide is well known as a time-critical service provider, offering onboard courier services and charter services. Within Europe, TCS offers ‘dedicated drives’ (incl. aircraft engines) for urgent shipments that cannot be forwarded as air freight due to their dimensions, weight or commodity type.

Recently, TCS has been assigned to arrange an urgent movement of an aircraft engine from France to the Czech Republic. In close cooperation with Road Air Cargo Europe, the trucking company TCS regularly works with, TCS took care of the engine from pick-up to the aircraft on ground. The airline was able to replace the AOG engine and the aircraft could take off with minimal delay. Road Air Cargo Europe, with Regulated Agent status, has its own trailers for the most diverse transport.

TCS sees an increasing demand for aircraft engines to be transported throughout Europe as quickly as possible. While smaller parts are perfect for delivery on time by an OBC at the place where they are needed, an aircraft engine needs a different kind of transport mode. The company works with road transporters that have extensive vehicle fleets ranging from small and mid-size vans to the largest trucks.