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As part of our on-going communication program, we are always seeking new and better ways of providing useful services for our members and associates. Following our successful meetings in Shanghai and Mexico, we are launching our WORLD CARGO VISION promotion project. This involves everyone in the group who would like to communicate with the global air cargo logistics community including customers, carriers, prospects, colleagues and the air cargo press.

We provide a range of easy to use services including press and news releases, interviews, participation in special articles, advertisement wholesale competitive packages with leading industry’s publications, as well as online interview videos and complete corporate or information videos. WCV video production crew will be available at all NAP conferences and participated events to tell your story to the air cargo world.

WCV provides also assistance with social media, web design and digital artworks, e-mail marketing campaigns, as well as PR and communications consultancy. The World Cargo Vision PR, Communications & video product is led by Michael Sales and his team . Michael is a veteran in the air cargo publications and communication industry, being many years in the air freight business and can really help you get your message across.

On Jan 2019 we will officially introduce the NAP story – interview of the month, which will include company’s introduction, success stories, new products and services and anything you need to share across the air cargo logistics community.

WCV video professional production crew is available on all the industry’s events and annual conferences so you can tell your story to the world

– PR & Communications
– Digital Interviews
– Online interview videos
– Promotional & educational videos
– Participation in special articles
– Advertisement
– Press and news releases
– Success stories
– Life achievement awards

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