A new air freight partnership between ColliCare Logistics Denmark and Cargolux

ColliCare Logistics Denmark has been approved by Cargolux: Now we can offer air freight to more than 90 destinations worldwide.

Cargolux, with over 50 years of experience in the global air freight market, has granted approval to ColliCare Logistics Denmark. Together, they handle everything from general cargo to time-sensitive shipments as well as shipments that require special expertise.

In Denmark, we offer routes to and from Copenhagen (Kastrup) and Billund airports, with daily departures from Copenhagen (Kastrup) and three departures per week from Billund.
Cargolux has routes covering more than 90 destinations worldwide. Its Boeing 747 was designed as a cargo plane from the outset, with flexibility in loading and operational efficiency as its key components. With a large side-loading door and a unique nose door, Cargolux’s cargo planes can be loaded quickly and easily, accommodating heavy cargo, large loads, and temperature-sensitive goods.

Peter Pedersen, Operations Manager Air & Sea at ColliCare Logistics Denmark, said:

“A partnership between ColliCare Denmark and Cargolux is exciting for us, as it opens up new opportunities for transporting goods that we have not previously had the same ability to do. Now we can handle larger cargo, project loads, and more, as Cargolux operates with freight aircraft.”

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Morten Ims
Sales Director Denmark

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Peter Nygaard Pedersen
Operations Manager Air & Sea

T: +45 78749636
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Mail: [email protected]
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