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My Air Partner

An Intranet and mobile member to member application and rate engine . Members can create, edit, upload their profiles, services, branches, bank details, destination notes, rate tariffs, and communicate via instant messenger and live chat options.

Panel features

* Your profile and key Contact list
* Add Branches & contact lists
* Banking information
* MAWB Consignee information
* Handover Fees
* Destination Notes per country
* Upload live airfreight Tariffs
* Upload EXW, FOB, DAP charges
* Public Holidays
* Instant Messaging

My Geo Locator

An intranet and mobile application operating as a networking platform , where members can post their business trips per destination and dates, seeking to meet fellow members that will be traveling at the same destination under the same dates, and much more...

My credit alert

My credit alert is a customized intranet tool ,where members must report their over 60 days receivables and to upload statements and email correspondence to the NAP credit control database. After reporting all information, members are entitled to claim their receivables.


My Airlines

An intranet and mobile application where members can seek and source vendors and strategic partners holding, BSA, CPA, CSA, GSA or express agreements on each airline and per each Trade lane, by selecting origin, airline, specialization, and much  more…

My Charter

is a web app where members can post online air freight and charter promos, full and part charter requests, availability, schedules, empty legs and much more...

My Cargo XL

My Cargo XL is a powerful, and user friendly global airfreight rate engine, designed exclusively for the needs of our partners.

The system is very flexible delivering a fast solution for distributing, importing, and comparing airfreight tariffs.

The power of My CargoXL lies within the 'install-once, run everywhere, on anything' principle, that means our engine can run on any operating system that has an internet browser with the latest Java runtime.