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Specialty Groups

Neutral Air Consolidators / NAC

NAC - Neutral Air Consolidators is the world’s leading platform of neutral airfreight wholesalers, consolidators, master co-loaders, brokers and BSA CPA agents, aiming to drive buying power and provide consolidation solutions across the supply chain. Our first class partners are leading and independent local heroes, dedicated to providing innovative wholesale airfreight solutions to the transport logistics industry, and are selected and filtered based on their blocked space agreements with leading airlines, airfreight revenue, as well as trade – lane consolidation expertise, and sales focus.

Neutral Aviation Specialists / NAV

NAV -Neutral Aviation Specialists is a global group of air cargo management companies GSSAs, virtual airlines, aviation consultants, charter brokers and carriers, committed to delivering neutral value-added services to the aviation and logistics community. Industry sector services includes airline cargo management, charter brokerage, terminal operations , road feeder services  and the professional handling of fresh, pharma and dangerous goods .

Neutral Air Express / NAX

NAX is an international group of experts that advance the interests of the time sensitive industry and the e-commerce sector. NAX partners consist of leading express & courier service firms, time critical experts, as well as e- commerce specialists, dedicated to providing innovative time definite solutions to the trade.

NAX is committed to providing the resources and education for first and last mile carriers to stay tuned with the industry trends and opportunities. It’s membership will be comprised of first , middle and last mile delivery companies dedicated to providing  domestic, trans border & international services, with no boundaries operating 24/7- 365 Days a year, and are geared to time definite movements whether it is an envelope , an aircraft engine, a special event or an e-Commerce project .

Industry sector services include Courier - Express, E-commerce - Aerospace, Military, Ships and Marine logistics, Special Events, Energy, humanitarian Aid – NGOs, Medical Science Clinical trials LHO HUM as well the special handling of VAL and AVI.