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Freight tenders of all kind are a part of our daily LSP life. Most of these tenders, however, take a lot of time and require additional resources, which sometimes leads to the fact that we do have to decline tenders, just for missing resources or we do not handle them with the appropriate attention.

Given the above, we as NAP are thinking about implementing a tool for all members that should allow you to handle your tenders with less manpower, in a shorter time and with the required high level of accuracy. This does not only apply for the pure tender process only, but also for the necessary evaluations you have to go along with a tender in terms of rates and services.

In order to test, either within this or next week, we would wish to run a test tender with some of you, in order to evaluate if the solution that we sourced would be suitable or not.

The tender data is actually based on a real past tender but of course no longer on the market, in fact, a few years old. For those who will get an invitation (it may not hit all of you), we would appreciate you just fill in some rates and answer the questions posed. The rates and answers can be fake, we are not looking at the values at all, we simply look at the functionality of the tool.

Before ending the evaluation, we will ask all participants for their feedback, so that at a final end we do have a clear picture whether to implement this tool in a present way or not.

We are looking forward to your great cooperation. Please note, if someone does not wish to participate, please simply let us know, to make sure we will not contact you.

In case you should have questions about the above, please feel free to contact Juergen under

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  • It was a refreshing event also from airline prospective in regards to the quality of the delegates gathered from around the globe, the industry expertise in airfreight ,and consequently the buying power such a group of smaller sized market players can bring to a carrier. The innovative approach , linked with a platform of air cargo community tools tool can deliver added value to the supply chain, and differentiate themselves from the mass .We as Air Bridge Cargo are supportive to innovation in our industry to every single customer, and we are looking forward to the positive developments of NAP together with ABC as their carrier.

    Author image
    • Georges Bewer
    • VP EMEA for Airbridge Cargo
  • We as Aerotrans ,are offering neutral freight services to the trade and our customers are airlines , IATA agents and general freight forwarders .Neutral Air Partner is the right platform for our company to explore partnering opportunities with like- minded air cargo experts around the world ,and to develop new services and innovative products for our customers, We are allready seeing the results interacting with a number of members and we look forward to a long term relationship with NAP.

    Author image
    • Michael Jaench
    • Aerotrans Germany
  • Universal Global Logistics, S.A.U., attended the NAP kick off meeting in Abu Dhabi last September. UGL is one of the leading Spanish Freight Forwarders and belongs to Noatum Logistics, the logistics division of Marmedsa Noatum Maritime, present in Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Algeria, Morocco and Chile. “ We had the chance to gather another companies also specialized in airfreight industry, as well as in the different topics which this business include, such as cool chain service, AOG, dangerous goods, etc. As forwarding company we have strong presence in our market, being part of a freight purchasing pool stated in the 3rd position in Spanish IATA ranking , we find NAP network as a chance to develop every kind of air transport business among other specialist companies” says Sergio Escobar –Business and process coordinator for UGL.

    Author image
    • Sergio Escobar
    • Business and process coordinator for UGL.
  • I had the honor of attending the first NAP annual meeting held in Abu Dhabi, the organization, network and the topics addressed, fully satisfied our expectations, our group participated the event with 3 executives and we ve decided to support Neutral Air Partner in nine countries in Latin America where we have our own offices., we are looking forward to grow our air cargo business together with NAP in this new experience “ says Carlos Madama , VP of Grupo RAS - a leading freight & logistics group based in Latin America with 45 offices in 10 countries and 800 members in 5 divisions.

    Author image
    • Carlos Madama
    • VP of Grupo RAS
  • Attending the NAP global meeting in Abu Dhabi has been a great success . It has been a great pleasure to meet so many airfreight professionals whom understand the importance of being Neutral, whilst offering your service towards the forwarding industry.Within 2 months, we already have seen the benefits of our membership , and we are now able to offer more neutral freight services and consolidation solutions to our European customers “ says Ronald Sierat from N.F.S Airfreight ( Neutral Freight Service BV ) a leading and independent neutral airfreight wholesaler & consolidator based at Schiphol airport ( AMS ) main gateway for Europe.

    Author image
    • Ronald Sierat
    • N.F.S Airfreight
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